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花花公主1982 美女裸身无档图片视频

导演:Roberta Findlay 




主演:维罗妮卡·哈特 蒂芙妮·克拉克 萨曼莎·福克斯 罗伯特·科尔曼 

更新时间:2020-06-14 07:54:05

简介:美女裸身无档图片视频 Veronica plays the wanton wife of a super-rich magazine publisher, a woman who needs more erotic excitement than one man could ever provide. Luckily for her, Veronica s marriage to Ashley Moore is the epitome of open; she is free to dabble in debauchery with any man she desires. Veronica uses her mans money to support a string of would-be artists, novelists and musicians, eventually sending them on their way once she grows tired of them. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets struggling author Robert Bolla and finds herself actually falling for him. Veronica takes Robert under her wing, guiding him through a steamy coupling with Merle Michaels in order to teach him how to please a woman. Eventually, though, Veronica wants Robert all to herself. But how will she reconcile her new-found love with her swinging lifestyle? The answers are enticingly erotic